How to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

When you think of autumn, you might imagine raking leaves, or basking in the beauty of bold colors on the landscape. What you may not realize is that this time of year is the perfect time to prep your yard for winter AND work on some new options for getting that magnificent curb appeal that will be the envy of the neighborhood. The following are a few tips for sprucing up your yard this fall. 

  1. Consider vacuuming—not raking—your leaves.

While raking may give you a nice workout, using a vacuum can save you a lot of time. Vacuuming leaves lets you get to hard-to-reach places in your yard, AND it enables you to shred the leaves to create a natural mulch. If you do prefer to rake, do it regularly. And be sure to tend to any dead or brown areas in your grass before they become a bigger problem.

  1. Go bold with color!

Many people think of planting in spring, but fall is actually the perfect time to add new trees and plants to your yard. This is because fall rain and cooler temperatures are more favorable to young plants. In fact, it’s best to plant new trees and shrubs before the ground freezes. Choosing plantings with brilliant color will maximize your curb appeal. Go with vibrant colors like Mums and Oakleaf Hydrangea and Sumac Shrubs that grow in the wild of New England.

  1. Overseed your lawn.

Use cool-season grasses, and seed over existing grass to make your yard greener, thicker and healthier by next spring.

  1. Kill your weeds!

Don’t assume that winter will kill all of your weeds. Use herbicides on any existing weeds, particularly dandelions. They aren’t killed by the cold, and will only grow in greater quantities by spring.

  1. Inspect your sprinkler system.

It’s important to blow out any water left in your sprinkler system when you stop using it for the season. If you don’t, the water is likely to freeze and damage the sprinkler heads, valves and the backflow device. It’s best to have irrigation technicians, like those at The Veron Company, to blow out the water from your system to ensure there is no excess water. When you do this, it will result in easier activation in the spring.

  1. Examine your trees.

Our professionals will come out and check the trees in your yard. Before winter approaches, it’s good to check for the possibility of downed trees, which can cut your power during a bad storm. We will also install a generator to help prepare you for winter storms.

It’s best to be prepared for anything, especially with New England’s changeable weather. When you’ve done all your preparation, you’ll be ready for whatever comes next season!

The Veron Company is committed to ensuring that you have a beautiful, organic landscape, and we provide other home care services as well.  Contact us today to let us go to work for you!

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