Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

The benefits and results of an organic lawn are many, and well worth switching from a lawn care program utilizing chemicals that are unfriendly to homeowners, families, lawns and the environment. Having an organically-tended lawn generally means you’ll be saving money in the long run–as well as having a yard that shines and thrives!

Some of the benefits of an organic lawn include:

  • A more bio-diverse lawn that encourages proper ecology
  • A nutrient-rich lawn and landscape exhibiting optimum bio-availability
  • Saving homeowners money on expensive and unnecessary chemical treatments
  • Contributing to a healthier, happier environment on the whole
  • A safer play environment for pets, kids, and even adults, too!

Why Waste Money On Harmful Chemicals?

When making the change to an organic lawn treatment, you are embracing a healthier, safer, more environmentally-conscious route to the perfect lawn. Homeowners (and ladybug lovers) need not spend hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars on harsh chemical fertilizers and pesticides when organic lawn treatments encourage better bio-availability (better nutrient absorption in the soil) for half the price, or less, and spare the good flora and fauna.

It just makes sense in this day and age to embrace a lawn care program that means kids, pets, and other living things can live and play, safe from the harm of chemical products–and save money in the process! The Veron Company has embraced this philosophy for years now, and features organic mulch, fertilizers, and spraying, in order to render the perfect “dream lawn”.

Organic For Life

The benefits and results of an organic lawn stretch far into the future, as well. Organic lawns hold up better over time, evidenced by their flourishing, lush, verdant quality that attracts happy grass, plants and critters alike. Start today and you will enjoy a lifetime of organic lawn benefits–with fewer and less costly treatments necessary.

Organic lawns are greener, healthier, less prone to winter breakdown or degradation over time and are, overall, less expensive to maintain. They also show that environmental consciousness starts at home radiating outward with an infectious sheen that says to the world: “We’ve gone organic, and we’re better off for it!”

Trust the Experts

Contact The Veron Company today by phone, or email one of our helpful representatives who can tell you more about the benefits of an organic lawn. We’ve been helping folks in Marlborough MA keep their lawns shining since 1982!