Commercial Snow Plowing Services

At The Veron Company we have been plowing snow since the 1980’s. We understand what it takes to handle the worst New England winters. For us, it begins with advanced planning and management practices put in place long before Old Man Winter makes an appearance. To properly and effectively handle a good ol’ Noreaster, it takes individuals with experience and skill to make the right decision at the proper time.

Snow removal is a year-round process for us. We don’t simply wait for the first snow storm of the season and then decide it’s time to put the plows on. It takes dedication and preparation to be able to safely, effectively and efficiently remove snow from the various situations that we encounter during a particular storm.

The first step in our planning is to visit each property that we will be maintaining and video all curbs, parking lots and landscaping for pre-existing damage. Although we strive to damage nothing, when you have three feet of snow on the ground something is bound to get run over. Once the Winter season is behind us, we will make a follow up visit to asses any damage that may have been caused so that we can properly repair it.

Once we have made the initial site visit and noted any possible obstacles, storm drains, manholes, hydrants, etc., we will install snow stakes to mark the boundaries of the plowable surface. We will also determine the best areas to stockpile snow as the season progresses.

In order for us to maintain efficiency with so many properties and numerous pieces of equipment operating in the field during a snow event, every operator has a binder with aerial web-based color maps of each property with notes and important information that they may need to know in order to complete the job at hand. Each piece of equipment in our fleet is also equipped with permanently mounted GPS tracking units which allows us to see where all of our equipment is at any given time. This greatly helps us to be able to mobilize equipment during a storm whenever necessary.

With no two properties being exactly the same, we assign various types of equipment based on the needs of the customer. Whether it’s a large front end loader with a pusher to a small pickup truck with a 7′ plow to get into tight areas, The Veron Company has the proper tools and equipment to get the job done.

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