irrigation-services1Looking for Green?

We can make it happen! The Veron Company can provide a top quality 6 Step Fertilization Program. We focus on controlled growth with a well-designed and timed program. Timing is everything!

We offer two distinct programs. Our organic based fertilizer is traditional N-P-K mixed with a high quality Bio-Solid to promote controlled growth and color while aiding in disease and drought resistance through proving the lawn with valuable nutrients and organic matter which encourages soil moisture retention for better root development.

Our 100% liquid organic program provides the soil and turf a foliar feeding of Kelp, Humic acids, Beneficial microorganisms, fish, and seaweed. Vitamins such as B-1, and B-12 and many trace elements the lawn needs. Years of treatments with chemical type fertilizers may cause the soil to sterilize itself. This program will aid in the process of creating a Healthy Soil and Environment.