Irrigation Activation & Winterization Services

irrigation-systems1Spring irrigation system activation is a crucial step in making sure that your system is still intact from any freezing or plow damage from the prior season. Even a slight amount of water left in a backflow device over the winter can freeze and expand thereby actually splitting a brass backflow device.

You don’t want to just turn on your water in the spring and “assume” that everything will be OK. That could lead to major problems and excessive water usage due to broken heads, cracked valves, broken backflows, etc. That’s why it important for you to call our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our trained irrigation technicians to come by and properly activate and repair your system before it’s too late. Our technicians will go through your entire system zone by zone to make sure the sprinkler heads are adjusted properly and that they are running for the proper amount of time.

Fall Blowouts

irrigation-systems2In the Fall it is crucial to blowout any water that may be left in your sprinkler system after you have stopped using it for the season. Water is a very powerful force, especially when it freezes. Any water that may be left in the system will most likely freeze and cause extensive damage to sprinkler heads, valves, fittings and the backflow device.

One our trained irrigation technicians will blowout all of the water from your system one zone at a time to ensure that there is no excess water left. They will also drain out any water that may be in the copper line that goes through the foundation and into the house. A proper fall blowout will result in a smoother spring activation.