Nightscape Lighting

Once thought of as a finishing touch and/or accessory, landscape lighting is now recognized as an integral part of the landscape. As our lifestyles demand that we extend our living space into the outdoors, we increasingly find ourselves dining, relaxing, and entertaining well into the evening hours. To do this comfortably and effectively we need a source of light. To that extent we can just be hired as your lighting professional or we can include this in the design process and carry it through to construction.


An affordable low voltage lighting system creates that even cast of illumination we seek while extending our view out into the gardens beyond. We can design and install a lighting scheme throughout your landscape that provides the necessary light for safety; maximizes the gardens usability; and highlights its beautiful details. Lighting keeps you safe and allows you to enjoy your landscape 24 hours a day if desired.

Contact us now so we can schedule a free lighting demonstration!!! This demo will allow you an opportunity to see firsthand the benefits and effects of landscape lighting.