Our Team Members

David Veron
David VeronPresident 1982 - Present
David Veron began his landscaping adventure as a young boy with his own neighborhood route and the dream to one day start his own company. His love for landscape increased more and more over the years. David earned a joint degree in Landscape Architecture, Horticulture, Flora Culture and Business Management from Ithaca College and Cornell University.

In 1982 David started The Veron Company which has grown to be a leading company in the green industry for the Northeast who concentrates on maximizing your landscape’s potential.

David has designed and oriented his company in being green by using only 100% organic products, recycling all possible materials, and creating the lowest possible carbon footprint for the company and all of our clients. Outside of work, David can be found enjoying a ski trip to the mountains in the Winter or at the beach with his 8 year old son and German Shepherd’s in the Summer.