The Veron Company - Red Hemlock MulchRed Hemlock is a product in high demand. It is prized for its rich, brick-red color and it is the supreme product in the mulch industry. It is 100% organic.

The Veron Company - Wicked Dark Pine MulchBlack Pine is a color enhanced Northern softwood blend of spruce and pine that has aged through the winter to develop the rich, dark black color for which it is named.

The Veron Company - Playground MulchPlayground Mulch is an all natural, 100% organic engineered wood fiber that is not messy and has been approved for playgrounds. It provides a cushion for play areas and it is safe for children.

The Veron Company - Wood ChipsWood Chips are locally ground trees that have been chipped up by our arborists. They are “Made fresh daily” and are 100% organic.

The Veron Company - Composted Screened LoamOrganic Composted Screened Loam is a deep, dark black color, screened at 3/8″ and less. It is a mixture of composted leaves, grass, manure, and loam making for a very rich composted soil. It is 100% organic.

The Veron Company - Local FillLocal Fill is a blend of local soil, rocks and aggregate that have come from the greater Marlboro area

Stone Types:

  • 3/4″ Crusher Run
  • Brick Sand
  • 3/4″ Stone