Organic Fertilization Services

organic-fertilizationOur organic program is a liquid formulation that addresses soil biology. In feeding the soil, you feed the plant, which will allow plants to grow their best.

Our Organic lawn Care Program consists of the following six treatments:

First Treatment: Spring Growth Activator- Awaken your soil and feed your turf with beneficial soil microorganisms, humic acid, kelp, amino acids, vitamins, biotin, folic acid and natural sugars.

Second Treatment: Biologically Enhanced Spring Fertilizer- The quality of your turf and the health of your soil are both addressed with 54 strains of beneficial soil bacteria and naturally occurring macro nutrients.

Third Treatment: Mid Season Kelp Spray-Prepare for the stress of summer with this environmentally friendly formulation that contains natural plant growth compounds, amino acids, micro nutrients and vitamins. A truly unique natural growth stimulant.

Fourth Treatment: Summer Saver Bio Fertilizer-A chelated microbial fertilizer will address all the needs of your turf as temperatures rise and water is less available.

Fifth Treatment: Late Season Organic Growth Compound-Root development is key in the Fall. This biologically active organic fertilizer simultaneously addresses turf vigor and soil biology.

Sixth Treatment: Winterizing Humates-Potassium humate and amino acids help harden off turf cell structure to protect it from winter extremes. A natural source of nitrogen will also feed the turf for improved color and growth in Spring.