Add Landscape Elements That Enhance Your Property

When most people think of retaining walls, they think of a useful way to hold back water and soil from uneven, sloping landscapes. But you’ll find that they are also useful for a number of purposes, and can enhance, as well as add value, to your property. Adding a retaining wall to your property can be an expensive project. However, because of the sometimes intensive labor involved, it’s best to have professionals help you with design, and then install it themselves, because trying to fix mistakes will end up costing more in the long run! Read on to rethink your ideas about retaining walls. . .


When you think of a retaining wall, don’t just think of a boring, straight wall. Remember, you can use them creatively, making a curving border around a raised garden area.  If you want to try to do it yourself, you can use your garden hose to mark the edges of the curve, then shovel the soil around where you’d like the wall to go.

A Dramatic Statement

Depending on your property, you may want to add a higher, more dramatic wall. For example, a grand entrance to your home with dramatic stone stairs may require a wall to set off a raised yard. Or in the back, if your home is on a sloping hill, a wall could provide an attractive edge for your backyard. However, if the wall needs to be taller than four feet, it’s best to consult the building codes and make sure you’re able to build a wall of great stature.

Property Enhancement

Something a retaining wall can give you is an additional feature to an otherwise boring yard. When you add even a small rock or stone wall, it will add different textures to your landscapes, breaking up the monotony and spotlighting areas around gardens or a patio that are inviting to guests.

Better Drainage

Retaining walls have very practical uses as well. In sloping ground, you can have a very effective drainage system. If you’re trying to build a wall yourself, be sure to backfill as you pile on new layers of stone or blocks. This will give it added support. Also, be sure to always check that it’s level to maintain structural integrity.

Stability and Peace of Mind

If your home’s foundation goes in a downhill direction, soil erosion can be a real issue, especially after storms. A retaining wall can help hold the soil and resist shifting.


If you plan to park cars or other vehicles on the top of the wall, or you want a terrace on top, you’ll need to consult with professionals who know how much weight it will need to be able to hold. They can give you recommendations or do the construction, adding reinforcements for safety.

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