Roof Snow Clearing Services

Ice Damn, Roof Top Snow Removal,and Roof Raking

roof-clearing1Removing snow from roofs and preventing ice damns and roof structure damage is part of our New England winters.

Removing snow and ice however, can be a very dangerous and costly project. We have the proper equipment and experience to help prevent further damage and keep you and your family safe.

roof-clearing2Inspect your roof for these items:

  • Snow drifts near exterior walls
  • Snow buildup on the roof in excess of 12 inches or more
  • Deflection of a flat roof over a half inch
  • Ice Forming on the gutters or in the soffits
  • Gutters pulling away from the roof

roof-clearing3These signs would be initial signs that removal is necessary to prevent any structural damage. Removing ice and snow from your roof is extremely dangerous due to the weather conditions. Roofs and ladders can become ice covered and slippery, additional weight on the roof could cause it to collapse and without the correct tools may cause you to damage or pull off shingles from your roof. We can relieve the worrying of dangerous and costly accidents resulting from a roof collapsing.