It’s Not Too Late!  

Spring and fall tend to be the best seasons to grow new grass because of mild temperatures. If you live in Massachusetts, the best time to plant grass seed is early fall. This is because the ground is warm enough to help the growth of seedlings, and the days can be rainy, which provides moisture so the seeds won’t dry out. However, if you have issues with your lawn now, you can take action, even in June or July.    

The Challenges of Seeding Your Lawn in Summer

Planting grass, whether by seed or sod, can be tough if you’re dealing with hot, dry conditions. You will need to provide extra moisture to encourage the growth of the seedlings. When there isn’t enough rain, frequent watering can help do the trick.

What Grasses Should You Plant in Summer?

You will need to plant warm-season grasses, such as St. Augstine, Bermuda and others. You will be more likely to re-establish your lawn with these grasses because they grow well during the summer months and become dormant when the weather turns cool. On the flip side, if you choose a cooler-season grass you will end up with a dead lawn, because these grasses are dormant in the summer.

What Can You Expect When You Plant Grass in the Summer?

You’ll need to be patient because warm-season grass doesn’t grow as fast as you may like. It takes a while, possibly between two and six months for grass to be established from seed. But there are things you can do to help speed up germination. For instance, keeping your soil moist is key. If the top six to eight inches of soil are wet before you seed, that will be an ideal condition. Then you’ll want to plant your seeds to a quarter of an inch from the top, using a lawn roller over the area. A roller pushes on the seeds, helping them to better connect with the moisture that will help them to grow.

What Can You Do about Weeds?

First of all, what’s wrong with weeds? Some think they’re unsightly for maintaining a nice lawn. But there’s more to it than that. Weeds will steal moisture, as well as valuable nutrients, from your seedlings. Unfortunately, summer is prime time for weeds. If you see any weeds sprouting up, you’ll need to pull them out by the roots to prevent regrowth. Another option is to apply a layer of peat moss to cover the grass, which will deprive the weeds of needed sunlight.  

So, make sure you choose the right time, the right type of grass, and monitor weed growth to help you re-establish your lawn during these summer months.

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